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 Classy Cars was started in the summer of 2013 when Georgia MacFarlane stumbled on and purchased an ACG Electric Hummer H3 street legal mini car.
These small, battery-powered, street legal, open-aired, mini cars, were not very abundant in Michigan and when she saw this bright red delight she had to own it. 
After purchasing the electric Hummer H3 she realized that this is what local Michiganders have been missing in their inventory of distinctive and fun recreational vehicles and decided to market them.
Thus Classy Cars - Street Legal Electric Mini Cars was established.
Georgia also owns and operates MacFarlane Excavating & EARTH PRODUCTS at 2711 Center Avenue in Essexville, Michigan.
Mini Cars from American Custom Golf Cars (ACG Inc.) are displayed at that same address.
The goal of Georgia MacFarlane and Classy Cars is to help expand the future of street legal mini cars.

Mini Car Sales:
Georgia MacFarlane:   (989) 971-9916

Shannon Dominowski:   (989) 275-5939

Mini Car Business Address: 
2711 Center Ave., Essexville, MI 48732

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